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VP Steve Smith completes month-long Brown Bag series

Staff report

VP for Instruction and Workforce Education, Steve Smith, wrapped up his month-long series of ‘brown bag lunch’ sessions with a visit to the Northwest Campus. Smith previously hosted meetings at VV, Transmountain, Mission del Paso and Rio Grande campuses throughout April.

A key question raised at the NWC lunch meeting April 27 focused on the paperwork required for faculty to teach triple overloads.

Smith expressed his dislike of assigning triple overloads because of the potential decline of classroom instruction quality and college committee obligations; and possible negative impact on EPCC accreditation reviews.

He acknowledged, however, that many faculty seek them for the extra income or are required to take them because of staff shortages.

Smith invited faculty to submit suggestions for streamlining the required triple-overload documentation in response to complaints about having to provide duplicate information already filed at deans’ offices.

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