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Solar Eclipse Event with NASA and EPCC

Updated: Apr 29


Solar Eclipse photo courtesy of EPCC.

El Paso Community College (EPCC) in collaboration with NASA’s GLOBE Program, hosted a Total Solar Eclipse event on Monday, April 8 in the Flexitorium at the Mission del Paso Campus.

EPCC held community interactives, along with Eclipse Observation with telescopes and special solar filter glasses, and featured speakers from the Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia (INAH) from Mexico City and Texas Tech University.  They discussed eclipses and the very important issue of eye-protection.

EPCC students and community members gather to view the total solar eclipse. Photos courtesy of EPCC.

“We wanted people to enjoy the solar eclipse and learn about how this phenomenon affects our environment. The public was able to help NASA by collecting data during the event,” John Olgin, EPCC Professor and NASA GLOBE member said.

Information booths were on hand, as well as NASA GLOBE citizen science activities, which involved EPCC faculty, students, staff and general public where they took environmental data during the eclipse.

EPCC also held Solar Eclipse viewing gatherings for staff, students and the public at the EPCC Northwest Campus Library and the Rio Grande Campus.

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