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BAMH Announces UTEP Proclamation



BAMH Founder Antonio Hernandez announces UTEP proclomation.

The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) recognizes the Bringing Awareness to Mental Health Club (BAMH) and issued a proclamation acknowledging the efforts of the mental health organization.

This proclamation marks a significant milestone for the club, becoming the first mental health organization to receive such recognition at UTEP.

In response to the proclamation, members of BAMH expressed gratitude to UTEP, the Student Government Association, and the Omega Delta Phi fraternity for their unwavering support.

The official recognition validates the organization's mission and paves the way for future collaborations and advancements in mental health advocacy on campus.

The organization aspires to impact event attendees to inspire them to act and make a difference in their communities.  

BAMH, founded by a group of individuals, including the founder, Antonio Hernandez, has been dedicated to de-stigmatizing mental health and fostering open conversations about mental wellness on campus.

BAMH Founder Antonio Hernandez proudly holds up the UTEP proclamation.

"Receiving this proclamation from UTEP means we can create a supportive and inclusive environment for mental health awareness," said Hernandez.

BAMH envisions a future where the entire community prioritizes and supports mental health. By setting a precedent at UTEP, the organization aims to serve as a model for other institutions seeking to establish similar initiatives.

Reflecting on their personal struggles and the stigma surrounding mental health, Hernandez highlighted the pivotal moment that led to the creation of BAMH—his approach to de-stigmatizing mental health through open conversations and debates within the community.

EPCC students attend the event in the Valle Verde cafeteria annex.

"I love doing this because I want to see my community grow—long-lasting relationships. And I love that we brought love and hope. And not only our institutions but also in our community," he said.

To learn more about BAMH, visit their website HERE or the Mine Tracker platform at UTEP.

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