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Multimedia Studio Offers Space for EPCC Creators


Sergio Ramos demonstrates green screen. Courtesy of EPCC.

El Paso Community College is offering students a new creative avenue through a podcast studio.

The studio is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Valle Verde campus, in building C, room 202 inside the Technology Resource Center.

The Multimedia Studio can turn people’s ideas into visual and audio content.

Like other studios in education settings, EPCC's Multimedia Studio allows anyone in the college, whether they are students, faculty, or staff, to use the top-of-the-line equipment.

The Technology Resource Center, or TRC, trainers provide online workshops so they can assist individuals with podcasting, editing, and software throughout the year.

They also have a booking site where people can get specific help in these areas as well as in any Microsoft or Adobe program.

Fernando Mares, a web development specialist for the college said he helps students who need to organize their projects, assignments, and utilizing the equipment provided at the TRC.

“Having a Multimedia Studio is something that we are excited about,” Mares said. “This will give everyone at EPCC a chance to shine in a new way.”

The studio has high quality microphones, PTZ Optics cameras, greenscreen, lightboard, studio lights and LED lights. Officials at the TRC said everyone will be trained before using the studio, and they will have workshops during the semester.

Students can collaborate with each other to create inspiring podcasts and videos to share.

TRC employees do provide ongoing training that anyone can attend, and the training is free. To view a training session, visit the TRC’s Facebook page or the EPCC Calendar.


To get more information visit their contact page or call them at (915) 831-2013.

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