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Annual EPCC Friendsgiving event

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Staff report


The annual EPCC Friendsgiving event took place at the Valle Verde campus cafeteria annex Nov. 20. The event, put on by the Student Government Association, included a pie eating contest, won by student Allison Nance. For following the EPCC Student Government Association on Instagram, students were given a free sandwich lunch and a paper leaf so they could write about what they are thankful for to place on a tree at the event.

(L-R) Emiiano Rubio, Ollie Munos, Daniel Muni, Vincent Rodriguez, Gabriella Gonzales, and Allison Nance, participating the the Annual Pie Eating Contest.

Enrique Acosta from the EPCC SGA crowns Allison Nance as the winner of the Annual Pie Eating Contest.

Dylean Estrada and Abbie Jacobo (seated L-R) from the EPCC Student Government signing up students to get free lunches.

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