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"Velvet" Adam Lambert's best work since touring with "Queen"


With the release of the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody," the popularity of Adam Lambert as the current front man of "Queen" has been relaunched.

The 2009 American Idol finalist has known how to reinvent himself when it is necessary, and this new album called "Velvet" is no exception.

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After his success with his album "The Original High" with musical hits like "Ghost Town" and "Another Lonely Night," the expectations grew when it was announced that he would be working on a new project.

Lambert built excitement among his fans by releasing "Velvet Side A," which had six songs of the whole album so that his fans could have a sneak peek of what the full record would be.

"Velvet" shows a different musical style, with the influence from music of the 70s and 80s that are very noticeable.

He takes up a style of his own that is more enjoyable than the others seen in his previous work.

The song that shares the same title of the album, "Velvet" is an excellent introduction to it.

It shows from the beginning the style of the record, and even if it's out of tune a bit with the beginning of the second song on the album, "Superpower," it is excellent as an introduction.

"Roses" is one of the hits of the album.

Guitarist, Nile Rodgers, implants his musical style in the song giving it a unique touch combined with Lambert's voice.

Working with "Queen" seems to have paid off, we can see in songs like "Love Don't" that Brian May and Roger Taylor have changed Lambert's music and writing style.

"On the Moon" seems like a song taken from some "Pink Floyd" album because it shares that psychedelic and silly style that characterized the band from the 70s.

The album features two powerful musical ballads, "Closer to You" and "Feel Something," which was the album's first single. These ballads showcase Adam Lambert's versatility and his vocal range.

While Adam Lambert has shown that he can sing any musical style, from carrying Freddie Mercury's legacy on "Queen" to making musical successes, "Velvet" is the perfect sample that this artist is capable of making any style of music, no matter if it's glam rock or a sad ballad.

To put it basically, "Velvet" is Lambert's best work so far.

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