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Student Learning Outcomes is recruiting faculty volunteers

Data nerds who are interested in forming the conversation on the assessment of the two multidisciplinary degrees (Associate of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies and Associate of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies). 

The student work has been previously collected.  All that is required is to evaluate the work.  Data will then be submitted to the Curriculum Committee. We will be offering training for anyone.

PILOT volunteers who are willing to add the Communication Support Toolbox to their Blackboard Course.  This tool is aimed at helping students with writing, speaking, and visual communication.  There are a variety of tools organized within the system.  Prior to its official launch next fall, we would like student feedback on the system.  

PILOT volunteers who are willing to assist with a project to teach Creativity to students.  The way we are framing this is student for students to presented with a question/problem that they need to address through connecting ideas or synthesizing information. Yes, it is that simple.  We are looking for faculty within the Core Curriculum/General Education who have any sort of research-based problem-solving activity in their course.  This does not have to be a major assignment.  We are hoping for feedback on how to best support faculty and students.  The task would involve identifying the problem-solving task in your course and working with us to link up library resources to support students.  Then we will gather both your and your students' feedback on the process.

For more information or to volunteer, go to

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