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Griselda Hermosillo named February's EPCC Employee of the Month


Each month, the EPCC Employee of the Month Committee names a deserving member of the college community with a special recognition.

Griselda Hermosillo

For February, the Committee named Griselda Hermosillo, administrative associate at the EPCC Valle Verde campus, as employee of the month during a brief ceremony February 28 at the VV Student Services building.

“I didn’t expect this and it was a very nice surprise because for me it’s my job. I didn’t anticipate anything like this ---,” Hermosillo said upon receiving a plaque and various accolades.

Hermosillo is responsible for communicating with Early College High Schools, helping students get their EPCC student IDs, scheduling EPCC tours, and more.

Paul Olán, of the Employee of the Month Committee, described Hermosillo as an outstanding employee. “She works very well with many EPCC staff members and its stake holders,” Olán said.

“She always maintains a positive attitude, even when faced with difficult tasks,” Olán added. “She’s known for having patience and the ability to work well under pressure. She’s the glue that holds the office together.”

After receiving her award, Hermosillo said the recognition really did catch her off guard. “I saw someone had brought some stuff” when she arrived at the ceremony on the second floor of the VV Student Services Building, “but I said ‘okay never mind.’ I didn’t know what was happening.

“I mean, it’s just a very nice surprise,” she added with a laugh.

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