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EPCC’s CSD is Hiring Note-Takers to Support Students with Disabilities


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The El Paso Community College (EPCC) Center for Students with Disabilities is actively seeking note-takers to assist fellow students.

Students could earn $100 per class. According to their website, the Center for Students with Disabilities provides students, regardless of disability, an equal opportunity to complete their educational goals through the provision of accommodations based upon their individual disability.

EPCC’s CSD provides helpful resources such as note-taking assistance, extra exam time, lab access and specialized equipment for students. The center aims to create an inclusive environment that allows all students to thrive academically. It specializes in varying needs, including those with visual or auditory impairments.

Carmen Mendoza, the center coordinator, shared insights into the process of becoming a notetaker.

Mendoza said that note-takers play a crucial role in the academic success of students with disabilities by attending classes and recording lecture notes. These note-takers can either be students or individuals contracted for a specific semester.

Mendoza said this distinctive initiative not only addresses the demand for note-takers but also creates a mutually beneficial system where students can assist their peers and receive compensation for their efforts.

“Note-takers listen to the class, they learn from the instructors, and they are responsible just for taking notes,” Mendoza said. “They're not responsible for the class.”

The benefits of being a note-taker extend beyond financial compensation. Note-takers gain valuable exposure to diverse instructors and lectures, improving their own academic skills, such as writing. On the other side, students with disabilities benefit from accurate and comprehensive notes personalized to their needs.

According to the CSD prospective note-takers undergo an interview and a 15 to 20-minute test to assess their note taking abilities. Mendoza emphasized the importance of evaluating writing skills, as students with disabilities rely heavily on the quality of notes provided.

Following the application process, note-takers receive training to ensure they understand the easy yet key responsibilities.

The EPCC Center for Students with Disabilities currently supports about 700 students across five campuses. Students seeking accommodations are encouraged to schedule interviews with counselors, ensuring confidential discussions about their disabilities. Following the interview, students are connected with note-takers and may also access tutoring services.

EPCC’s CDS pays $100 for each class's notes, motivating students to contribute to the support system. This unique initiative not only helps meet the demand for note-takers but also provides students with opportunities to earn income while assisting their peers.

Prospective note-takers or students seeking accommodations can contact the Center for Students with Disabilities in their online office or EPCC’s campuses to obtain further information.

For more information email or contact their main number at (915) 831-2426

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