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EPCC is coming through

El Paso Community College (EPCC) students, faculty and staff have stepped up to assist the community during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Annually during April’s National Community College Month, EPCC highlights its high standards in educating the area’s workforce. This April, EPCC’s place in the community is even more important. 

EPCC Math Instructor Fan Chen, with other community members, is making medical masks using a 3D printer supplied by EPCC. The group, El Paso Aid, has already received hundreds of local orders, as well as, orders from New York City and other U. S. locations.

Photo by Robert Johnson

Another group at EPCC answering the call is the student Philosophy Club. After being recognized by the Mayor of El Paso for their community work in November, the club continues their work by raising over $1,000 to purchase masks for frontline workers and those who are homeless.

Now the Philosophy Club has gone to the sewing machine. Under the guidance of the local medical community, the 15-member group is making their own masks to give to those in need. “We decided to practice what we preach and use practical philosophy to help others,” Daniel Avitia, EPCC Philosophy President said. “This is a cultivating experience motivating the need for social solidarity.”

As EPCC continues to educate and assist students through distance technology, awareness of the El Paso community is foremost in the workings of the college.

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