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Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is a Hit

Updated: Apr 5, 2023


(L-R) Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez and Justice Smith star in DD: Honor Among Thieves

Directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, this 2023 film takes on the feel and

energy of a campaign game session of the role-playing game “Dungeons and Dragons”.

Centered around Edgin the bard and his party, this movie follows this bard’s quest to reconnect with the daughter he left behind after a mission gone wrong. Although simple enough, the movie captures the Dungeons and Dragons experience of

completing a mission through dozens of entertaining detours.

Examples of these detours include the discovery of new members to the crew, the antagonist’s efforts, and the long preparation needed before a mission.

However, like the game experience, this adventure does not stray from the goofy and

lighthearted banter players will create. Whether the character outright fails their idea for progressing, or succeeds in the most unexpected way possible, this movie keeps the audience laughing and guessing.

Not to mention that the visual effects were phenomenal, especially with the decision to use

puppets instead of CGI for certain scenes, reminiscent of classics like “The Raiders of the Lost


When virtual visual effects are used, they are not intrusive, complimenting the intensity and

immersion into this fantasy concept. Additionally, the fight scenes are captivating, immediately drawing you in with the complex choreography and creative use of nearby props.

Each fight is more intense and difficult than the last, leaving you wondering how the characters will make it out of this new and riskier situation.

Nevertheless, this movie is not perfect. There are times in the film that are predictable, regardless of how exciting the visual elements

may be. Not to mention that this genre is not for everybody, as it does have a strong sense of fantasy, mentioning beasts like the owlbear, or races like druids who can shapeshift into mythical animals.

An unfamiliarity with these concepts could be a bit jarring but is easily remedied by knowing what to expect.

Michelle Rodriguez and Chris Pine.

All in all, I would describe this film as a lighthearted joyride that any viewer could turn their brain off to and enjoy. I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars.

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