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What Godzilla and Kong lack in a plot, they make up with great fight scenes

By ALEXUS CHARAY - Godzilla vs. Kong does what you expect it to do: two giant monsters battling it out, causing destruction in such a fun and exciting way. Like with any monster movie, there is exposition given by the human characters, which tones down the film from being fully action-packed. Nonetheless, these plot scenes are not too long, and the fight scenes recapture the audience's attention.

This movie presented a mix of things that I enjoyed and didn't. Starting with some of the negatives: some characters didn't feel necessary. Throughout the film, there is almost a side story occurring that seems to be dragged on. What these side plot characters do, or rather uncover, could have been easily discovered and explained by any other person. The main characters who the audience sees throughout most of the film find the exact same information, albeit with fewer details. Characters aside, the general story and main plots are predictable. If you have seen at least ten action films, you will be able to detect where the plot seems to be going.

So, if some characters feel unnecessary and the plot is average, what makes this movie worth watching? It's straightforward: the action and the look of the film. As mentioned before, the action scenes were very entertaining to watch and made me question which monster would stay victorious in the end. Some of the camerawork follows the monsters' natural movement and, in some cases, goes into a first-person perspective. The shots added to the scenes' intensity, and I thought the CGI wasn't bad at all (even if there was a lot of it).

Although it may have its flaws, Godzilla vs. Kong isn't a bad action movie. What the film fails to deliver with plot and story is made up by thrilling fight scenes.

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