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VV's C-building elevator out of service until May

Valle Verde “C” building elevator is once again out of service. The elevator has experienced a critical component failure. TKE informed the college that the replacement part is on back order and is not expected to be available until mid-May 2023. TKE is looking for alternative suppliers but for now this is the expected schedule. We will provide additional updates as more information becomes available.

All personnel/students who require the elevator in order to access the 1st floor of the “C “building (access to Police Department, Campus Life, Student Leadership and Student with Disabilities) are being routed thru the A or Student Services buildings (refer to attached drawings below). These alternate routes allow for disabled personnel to access the first and second floors of the C building. Third floor access is limited by use of the service elevator in the second floor of the library.

These routes can be confusing as the floors at the C building are labeled as ground, first, second, third and fourth. Currently, with the C building elevator out of service the only way the fourth floor can be accessed by personnel/students is by making use of the stairs. The fourth floor is the only floor that is accessible only by making use of the stairs.

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