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The Unholy borders on unwatchable

By ANDREW DE LA ROSA - The movie The Unholy was in my opinion a somewhat just plain money grab. The movie the whole time didn’t really excite me and it just felt like their were a bunch of jump scares that seemed thrown in at the last minute during this movie.

During a time in which there were only a select number of movies in a movie theater I think the director just tried to rush and create a movie in a short time to create a quick scare and try and make a quick penny.

The director, Evan Spiliotopoulos, who is well known for working on or with Disney movies and he has done great work. This is the first and only and Horror movie he has worked on so, maybe he will learn to grow and hopefully bounce back from this and make a better Horror flick.

The next topic that I will be discussing is the cast of this movie. Now me personally after watching this movie I had to look up who a lot of the cast were because I hadn’t heard of or even seen one of them ever before.

As we all know credible actors and actors that are A-list don’t rally sign on to make or star in horror films and if they do it’s very rare and usually even with the help of a star the movie typically still doesn’t do that well. Some of the actors in this movie were Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Katie Aselton, Marina Mazepa. Maybe some of you have heard of them but, I swear to you I haven’t heard of one of these people on this list.

The budget for this movie was a pretty decent amount at 10 million dollars which is good enough to make a good horror movie. However the total box office that it earned was 16 million dollars just six million above the budget which isn’t totally bad.

The writing was very predictable and very corny as well no original feeling to it at all. It all felt don before. The music was good as was the lighting and the makeups and costumes. The acting was subpar and felt like it could do way better.

The cinematography was good not great and did an okay job at capturing the mood for this film.

Overall I would rate this movie 2 out of 5 stars.

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