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Taft-Diaz provides quite the dining experience

BY VIANEY LOZOYA - No one does it better than the downtown restaurant Taft-Diaz when it comes to Dinner and Celebrations. The fusion of cultures that makes El Paso outstanding is

reflected in the experience that this kitchen-based restaurant provides to its


When you arrive at the place, the first thing you notice is its location—the casual

fine dining restaurant located inside a hotel named Stanton House in downtown El

Paso. The emblematic name of the restaurant has its origin in the iconic history of the


In October 1909, a historic meeting was held at the now Stanton House where

The President of The United States, William Howard Taft, and the President of Mexico,

Porfirio Diaz, reunited to have lunch together.

This eventful meeting was the first time a U.S president and a Mexican president held this type of gathering. This significant event was later called the “Taft-Diaz Meeting.” therefore, the symbolic name.

Ultimately, this led to a fusion of flavors and uniqueness that reflects the duality

that characterizes the culture between El Paso and Juarez. The Menu is a fascinating

combination of Mexican food with a twist of the cultural bowl that resides in the area.

The Menu includes various entrees of cuisine dishes such as Tacos, Soups, and Pasta.

Mentioning some of the main plates, you can find seafood such as their Octopus &

Grits plate, which I highly recommend, and their Dry Aged Ribeye, which is one of

their most extraordinary plates.

The process that goes into preparing their aged ribeye will result in a delicious final dish that will give you an explosion of flavor; You can accompany this dish with a fine glass of wine or choose a drink from their excellent cocktail menu. The fresh ingredients that complement each plate will make you want to explore the menu in one sitting.

Then just when you thought the end of the rollercoaster of experience and flavors

was concluding, an offer is made, Dessert.

A thousand thoughts cross your mind, and hesitation becomes present, but you decide

to be happy just for a night.

The dessert menu comes, and you are indecisive on what to order, so you ask the

waiter, and he explains some of the menu options. You finally decide, and what arrives

at your table did not disappoint.

At the end of the night, when you walk out of the restaurant, the art displayed on the

hotel’s walls adds to that Taft-Diaz experience.

You leave with a feeling that will most likely make you want to celebrate each weekend

just to have another taste. And before leaving, you know it’s not a goodbye, but a see

you soon.

Rating: 4.6/ 5.0

Positives: Excellent Customer service, Delicious food, An experience, Modern and

elegant infrastructure, Quality and fresh food, Vegan options, “Lights show.”

Neutral: Constantly changing menu, experience for breakfast and lunch is vastly

different from Dinner.

Negatives: Moderately high prices, Small portions, somewhat elevated waiting time to

get your food, Open Kitchen so not very intimate for couples who seek a romantic

evening due to privacy reasons.

Price range: $$-$$$

Customer service: 4.5/ 5.0

Safety Requirments: Mask required, Social distance.

Location: 209 N Stanton St, El Paso, TX 79901, United States

Phone: +1 915-271-3600

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