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Taco Family Inc. to Replace Taza’s Coffee



Empty Taza's Coffee business at the Valle Verde campus cafeteria annex

Taco Family Inc., a classic Mexican “Street Tacos” local business, will open its doors on April 1, 2024 to replace Taza’s Coffee in the Valle Verde campus cafeteria annex.

Taco Family Inc. will offer a variety of food for economical prices centered on the market value, according to the Director of Auxiliary Services Department Juan Flores. 

The goal of the opening is to enhance the school’s environment, in which students and school staff are able to socialize and develop educationally.

The recommended amenity is required to maintain ethical, effective, efficient, and sustainable business practices while offering relevant, high-quality on-campus services,” said Flores.

Taza's Coffee closed down at the beginning of this year.

After 14 years of business at EPCC, Taza’s Coffee was closed down at the beginning of 2024, opening a prospect for future food amenities inside the common area facility at Valle Verde campus.

The inauguration and removal of amenities falls under the supervision of the Auxiliary Services Department. Any replacements are set to be upheld in the best interest of El Paso Community College District following the mission of procuring services that are highly qualified.

“The amenities are awarded competitively based on ‘best value’ or most ‘highly qualified’ in the best interest of the district,” said Flores. “This selection is conducted through a competitive solicitation process known as the Request for Proposal (RFP)."

Empty Taza's Coffee will be replaced in April

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