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Sweet Magnolias

By AUDREY JURADO - As a fan of the show, many others and I were left on a cliffhanger when season one of “Sweet Magnolias.” Doing more research on this Netflix show, I got answers that many were on the edge of their seats asking, “when will season two launch?”

Netflix came out a while back that the show will be returning sometime in 2022. Here is the twist: will they continue to keep Jamie Lynn Spears for season two after her sister Britney Spears came out after 15 years of conservatorship and want to sue everyone included with it, including Jamie Lynn Spears? I guess we will have to wait for 2022 to roll around for our answers.

“Sweet Magnolias” is set based on three childhood best friends who deal with relationships while getting ready to open a business together. The show is filmed in Covington, Georgia, which sits outside of Atlanta.

The three best friends are Maddie Townsend, played by JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Dana Sue Sullivan, played by Brooke Elliot, and Helen Decatur, played by Heather Headley. As a surprise, this show was not made up. It was based on the novels written by Sherryl Wood.

The show begins with Maddie Townsend and her husband, Bill Townsend, played by Chris Klein, sitting in a meeting room, going over the divorce agreement. In a small Southern town of Serenity, three best friends purchase a two-story house and turn it into a spa.

However, while going through this challenge, these three women are going through different issues. Maddie is dealing with being recently divorced after her ex-husband gets his lover Noreen Fitzgibbons played by Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant and later gets engaged to her.

Not only is Maddie going through this tragedy, but she is raising her two boys and her daughter. Dana is a single parent with a business she owns while trying to keep her health going, and for Helen she is a lawyer who is busy with her job, getting into a relationship and couching students to become great lawyers.

My rating to the Netflix show was based on my assessment of the actors, the plotline, and my overall rating. I gave “Sweet Magnolias” a five out of five stars because of how well each actor and actress knew how to portray their character with emotions.

The plotline of this story carries out throughout the show with each character having their own story or issue, but they’re all connected like a big family. I also gave the plotline a five out of five stars.

My overall rating for “Sweet Magnolias” will be a 10 out of 10 stars because this show does not only focus on one tragedy, but it gives the viewers a look at everyone’s point of view. In the end if you have not seen “Sweet Magnolias” I say, what are you waiting for? Go watch it before season two comes out.

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