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Student-Parent Resource Center Opens at VV Campus


Grand Opening of VV's Student-Parent Center. Courtesy of EPCC.

Valle Verde's newly opened Student Parent Resource Center provides a study space for EPCC student-parents where they can bring their children while they do homework and study. The center is in Building A, room A2415. 


This center allows parents who are students to have a safe space for their children. The Valle Verde campus Parent Resource Center provides lactation rooms and child-friendly play areas, complete with toys, books, a crawl space, and kid-sized furniture. Desks and computers are available for adults or older children are studying.  

“We, as a task force, are very interested in helping student parents succeed. 50% of our students were student parents in Spring 2020. That's half your customers,” said Lucia Rodriguez, director of the Office of Student Success.

Coordinator Lucia Rodriquez welcomes those to Grand Opening. Courtesy of EPCC . 

The Student-Parent Resource Center’s goal is to provide learning through a two generational approach for EPCC Students and their children.

Each of the five EPCC campuses has created a Parent Resource Center, that includes all necessities like a private room for lactation mothers and a space to change babies.  

“This resource provides support for parents, provides childcare, it provides children college opportunities where they can start learning, or even just coming to campus at a very young age” Dr. Myshie Pagel, Campus Dean of Education said. “It's a great way to support our community.”

Student-Parent Esmerelda Silva see resources she can use. Courtesy of EPCC.


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