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Stress-free week with BAMH EPCC

Updated: Apr 18, 2023


(L-R) Isaias Chavez, Pablo Chavez, Rosio Chavez, and Nadia Martinez played a UNO game that the club provided in the activity tables.

Since the finals are coming up, the EPCC Bring Awareness to Mental Health program has created an activity for students. In which they have previously hosted, Professors are people too. They now hosted a stress-free day at the Valle Verde cafeteria.

The event was held in the cafeteria, where they had different tables with different activities for students. As you came into the cafeteria annex, students were greeted with a table of goodies from which they. The activities that were on the tables.

Tony Hernandez (L) and Kevin Nguyen are challenging each other in a Chess game.

More information about the club: The club meets Tuesdays at 3 through Google Meets. The club also has a group chat in which they keep in contact. Their primary focus is to help people with mental illness and help the community by creating fundraisers.

Tony Hernandez, now EPCC alumni, created this club. He began this club back in the last semester of college. (Tony is the one playing chess) He made the club to bring awareness to mental illness and being able to help the community.

(L-R) Diana Fiero, Crystal Arrmenta, Fernando Serrano, Alexel Maldonado, Christian Perales, Cesar Gonzales, and Emiliano Rubio coloring multiple prints the club proved in the table.

Get a hold of the professor behind the club:

Antony Nelson:

Carrie A. Van Houdt:

If you want to know about the upcoming club activities, follow their social media.





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