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Moviegoers should pull the plug on "Those who wish me dead"

BY ANDREW DELAROSA - Right off the bat this was not one of my favorite movies I feel like it lacked quite a bit of things and I felt it got drug out a little to long and they tried to incorporate to many factors, so lets just hope into the review.

This movie had a promising plot and interesting idea. The premise of this movie is a person who works for the fire department and is finding her way in life when she gets introduced to a kid who’s father is dead and she must protect him from two assassins hunting him.

Now this movie had some promise but, just could not stick the landing. Even though this movie had star power with Angelina Jolie, Finn Little, Nicholas Hoult and even Tyler Perry. Yet even with all these stars you get a dull movie.

Angelina Jolie stars in "Those who wish me dead."


When Jolie is acting it seems like she doesn’t even believe her own character. It seemed like most of the film is still her figuring out her own character. Another thing that did not help this is that there are many different story lines in this movie and one too many to follow along to. At times you didn’t even care about the main plot of this movie.

This movie did not have an impressive box office by any means and if you had HBO Max you were able to stream this movie as many times as you wanted for just fifteen dollars.

It grossed just over 7 million dollars in the United States and only 23 million dollars worldwide. Needless to say this movie was definitely considered a flop. It is now considered one of Jolie’s worst movies that she’s done.

Considering the fact that she now only does about one big movie a year it’s a shame that this one was such a waste. Hopefully her next one is not this bad. Taylor Sheridan the director hopefully comes back with a stronger movie than this.

Now I would not recommend this movie at all and instead would only recommend it if you were a huge Angelina Jolie fan and even then it would be risky to watch this movie.

All in all this was not great and think most people should avoid wasting their time on this money grab of a movie.

I give this movie a rating of 1.5 out of 5 stars.

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