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Mortal Kombat is slightly better than its predecessor

By ANDREW DE LA ROSA - Now to hop right into it I try and remain as unbiased as I possibly can. Growing up I loved playing the games and was a very huge fan of them. I think a lot of us have been wanting to see this movie and wanting a movie about Mortal Kombat to release.

However I’m going to give you a heads up that this movie won’t go hand and hand with he original story line. I will say though I was not a fan of the original movies and though they were all corny.

This was a huge improvement in the new storytelling way that they did. It wasn’t so cheesy but still had at times a very predictable plot. It was awesome seeing all of the original characters as well but, this movie will have you questioning why they left out some of the major ones.

PROS: The fighting scenes were epic and a lot of scenes had bloodshed which was sick. The characters from the original movies. Good length of film.

CONS: Fighting scenes were at times too short. Missing characters from important movies. Too cheesy at times. The movie didn’t have the original Mortal Kombat style of fights. Could have used more star support.

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