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Hot Tamales Restaurant Review


The front of the Hot Tamales Restaurant, located 11360 Montwood Drive.

One of my favorite places for Mexican food, “Hot Tamales” is an affordable restaurant offering everything from Gorditas to enchiladas and tamales. It is located at 11360 Montwood Drive, at the end of the shopping center it belongs to, and has a drive-through window for convenience.

The Hot Tamales Combination plate that includes an enchilada, tamale, and a gordita, with a side of rice, beans and chips, and salsa.

I ordered a “Combination Plate” with a lemonade, consisting of an enchilada, a tamal, and a gordita, with a side of rice and refried beans, paired with a small flour tortilla, tostadas, and a little container of salsa. This plate totaled $10.01, giving the customer a filling amount for a decent price.

The cashier was friendly as well, making small talk with me in English, and Spanish to the other customer that entered later on. This establishment also has a tendency to be fairly empty, giving customers short waits and a comfortable atmosphere for quiet people like me.

The only complaint I have to mention is that the restaurant does not play music. There is a TV always playing something, but I personally like having a bit of music in the background, regardless of whether it is good or not. Complete silence can feel awkward, and the TV is only a commercial break away from quiet in the restaurant.

All in all, “Hot Tamales” remains my reliable “comfort food” restaurant for whenever I need a quick meal I can savor and enjoy.

4/5 Stars

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