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. FIFA 21 brings changes

The FIFA franchise is one of the most famous ones that EA Sports has. Soccer is a worldwide attraction, and its videogame is not the exception.

After months with the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of sports in all areas stopped, it was a disaster for many fans, but mainly it was one for those fans who were waiting for their beloved sports video games.

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Football soccer stopped and stopped the excitement for waiting for the new game, and it was delayed until October 6. Today after one month of so many updates, a review of the product can be made.

The hardest critics of video games are the first to say that it turns out to be more of the same, which is a lie despite being one of the best sellers.

FIFA 21 brings changes in all kinds of aspects, from updates of the players' faces to improvements in mechanics and gameplay that were not fixed in the previous game.

The graphics are the same as FIFA 20; the game has not changed, at least in this new release, as we are waiting for the new consoles to be released as new graphics are expected to be shown.

There were many improvements in all the game modes, especially in Ultimate Team, the responsible game mode that the franchise generates so much money for EA Sports.

In career mode, the menus were updated, the calendars were changed for more accessibility.

An option to modify the calendar was added to give the players rest and train or work in groups.

Likewise, a position change system was added to learn to adapt to a new position and work to increase their performance in it.

In the Ultimate Team mode, the menus were drastically changed, new things were added, such as creating custom stadiums for your team, the Division Rivals and Squad Battles game modes increased in importance.

However, a limit of maximum matches was added to stop points creation in the global ranking and thus not harm players who play little.

This reward system in these two game modes benefits the user with coins or player packs every Thursday and Sunday, respectively, if they play it.

On the other hand, we have the most marginalized mode of the franchise called Pro Clubs.

In this mode, you take control of a club and together with your friends you fill the 11 positions of the team, you can decide to be a forward, midfielder, defender, or goalkeeper.

Unfortunately, this game mode did not receive any improvement. It is not given the attention it deserves despite having a massive community of players and even professional esports leagues.

It is practically a soccer roleplay where those who could not be a soccer player can have the opportunity to be a soccer player with the control in their hands.

FIFA 21 has changed, but you cannot feel them; despite being the new game of the sport, it still feels like last year.

We are now expecting the version from Xbox Series X/S and PS5 changes for the common good.

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