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EPCC Theater and Mass Communications Present an Online Production

The El Paso Community College (EPCC) Disciplines of Theatre Arts and Mass Communication proudly present Eugene O'Neill's one-act play THIRST. The production can be viewed online at

The plot of THIRST is three people are trapped on a raft in the middle of the ocean after the ship they were on sinks. A Gentleman, a Dancer, and a West Indian Mulatto Sailor are adrift without food and water far off the normal shipping lanes, surrounded by sharks and slowly going mad.

For information on EPCC Theater, contact Ted Karber, Jr. at (915) 831-3205.

Cast of Characters:

The Dancer...Noreyma Martinez

The Gentleman...Omar Moreno

The Sailor...Raul Insurriaga Acosta

Director...Ted Karber, Jr.

Technical Director...Dominic Pagano

Video Director/Editor...Michael D. Head

Designed for the stage by Dominic Pagano

Costumes/Masks...Joey Tarin

Camera Operators...Adrian Cruz, Chris Lopez, Edward Luna

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