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EPCC Student Experiences Success in Fashion World


Nathaniel Espinal modeling his one of his designs.

Nathaniel Espinal's Hypnosis fashion brand had just begun in late 2019. Suddenly, the COVID pandemic had it a global status where everyone had to quarantine. It was a shock to the Hypnosis brand because Espinal had just started and now, he had to close.  


Nathaniel Espinal is a 25-year-old El Paso Community College student majoring in media advertising. This is his story about creating his passion and the E.P.C.C. community helping him live his dream. 

He was informed by a friend that E.P.C.C. was a great place to start for an education. He is very grateful for the people he’s met during his time here.  


“It was a great decision for me,” he said. 


Espinal has been designing clothes in fashion since 2016. He created many different outfits and concepts for clients in Mexico. He wanted to start his own brand Hypnosis to create his own collections. 

A model wearing Espinal's design.


When society was getting out of quarantine in 2021, Espinal wanted to launch his first collection with a simple, affordable design because people were not buying expensive dresses and outfits. The summer 2021 collection featured a minimalistic logo that became very popular in Juarez. 

Although Espinal liked this first collection, but he did not want it to be the face of his brand. He launched his second collection in fall 2021 complete will full outfits and dresses. 


The March 2023 collection was going to be the most important. If this collection failed, Espinal would search for another passion. 

“Maybe it's not my destiny,” he said. 


He did not want to be stuck in a passion where he does not belong. Fortunately, this collection was the most successful and his favorite. With this success, he knew he could do this. His confidence was reinforced from seeing one of his dresses in a New York Magazine. 


Another of Espinal's collections being modeled.

“That makes me feel that I can do anything that I want and I'm never gonna give up,” he commented when he saw another one of his outfits in a Mexico City music video. 


Espinal was also contacted by a fashion show in Mexico City that wanted his outfits in their showcase. He went to Mexico City to visit the fashion show and decided to wait for his next collection to launch because he wanted more than one collection to be featured on the showcase. 


Espinal's design featured in Chicle Magazine.

His major in media advertising has helped him in a lot of ways. Espinal used Instagram a lot to market his work. He has more experience in what he wants to show the consumer and dealing with the consumer. Learning how to effectively target his audience is crucial to keeping Hypnosis alive. 


With support from Dana Munoz, an E.P.C.C. faculty member and others, he knows he is in the right place to thrive even more. 


“They think that I deserve this,” he commented. 


“It is my passion to see that they enjoy what I do, what I make, it is a creation,” he said. "Being part of a creation is very exciting.” 

Espinal's design featured in Savages Magazine.

 The future is bright for Espinal and Hypnosis. He plans to continue his education in media advertising. Hypnosis has launched another collection for spring 2024.  


Espinal said “I decided to be like nobody else.” 


To see more of Espinal's designs, visit his Instagram page.

Espinal's design featured in Semanario Estilo DF.

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