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EPCC Ranked in Top 15 of the Colleges with Associate’s Programs in Chemistry

El Paso Community College (EPCC) has been named one of the top 15 colleges for students to complete an associate degree in Chemistry.

The quality, affordable education students receive with dedicated faculty in smaller classes and the many avenues available to students after completing their degree are just two of the reasons EPCC’s Chemistry Discipline was chosen for this distinction.

College Cliffs, an online resource for college information ranked chemistry programs across the according to rigor of coursework, quality of instruction, accreditation, status, financial aid, hands on doing research, and overall value of the program.

Professors at EPCC say they are proud to be ranked in the Top 15 of the country’s best colleges offering associate’s programs in Chemistry.

“Majoring in chemistry is a good option for students, because when the student has a background in chemistry, the student has doors open in many fields of industry,” Dr. Maria Arteaga, EPCC Chemistry Professor said.

“The principles of chemistry deal with courses and majors under life sciences, so graduates will find they will fit in many job opportunities in scientific branches and industries.”

Students who complete the associate degree in Chemistry can acquire technician positions in different sectors such as health, business, and industrial sectors.

They can also find a job as a medical laboratory technician, chemistry technician or quality assurance technician.

At EPCC, students who are contemplating getting a degree in sciences have the opportunity to take classes such as chemistry, mathematics, geology, biology, or physics. These courses prepare students for careers as well as transfer to a 4-year institution.

“At EPCC, classes are fully transferable. During the two years working towards an Associate’s in Chemistry, a student obtains an excellent foundation and is prepared with skills to obtain a good job,” Arteaga said.

“After the experience, many students realize the importance of getting more education, including, getting a Bachelor’s degree, then a Masters and a Doctorate Degree which many EPCC graduates have competed after successfully earning their Associates degree.”

As the College Cliffs article states, “With the two-year course of study in a specialization, you will have the liberty to create your pathway after completion. This program is enough to build the foundation for earning a bachelor’s degree whenever you decide to.

"While other industries and jobs require a bachelor’s or master’s degree, these 2-year programs provide intensive training to help you gain employment in some fields. In a short time, you will be ready to go through the professional arena.”

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