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EPCC President Gives Town Hall Update to All Campuses


Dr. William Serrata addressed faculty and students at the town hall. EPCC TV also live-streamed the event and included a sign language interpreter.

EPCC is going strong as it prepares to launch more programs with high schools and UTEP, expands current student resources, and continues providing affordable higher education for El Paso.

EPCC President Dr. William Serrata presented at each campus over the past month to give a general update for faculty and students on the school's finances, programs, and future plans.

The town halls were open to anyone who wanted to come and each session included an open questions and answer session.

Serrata presented at Valle Verde on April 25 in the AST flexitorium. His presentation gave an overall update on EPCC affairs.

Serrata touched on many topics during his presentation. Some of the highlights included:

  • Updated new pillars of success

  • A new dual enrollment Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing program with UTEP

  • Plans to add three more Pathway in Technology programs at El Paso high schools.

  • Student Success Endowment scholarship launching Fall 2024

  • Noting higher enrollment rates and their upward trajectory since the pandemic

  • Budget allotments

  • Revenue and House Bill 8

A few of Serrata's presentation slides demonstrate new and renewed efforts at the college, as well as finance information.

At the Valle Verde town hall, Serrata was asked if the city's plans to build a new amphitheater would affect the nearby Transmountain campus. He answered that other than visibility for the campus, he does not anticipate any problems.

"I don't anticipate that it will impact the campus other than visibility," Serrata said. "I am certainly excited about that visibility. Should the city build an amphitheater, it is the city's responsibility to build adequate parking for that amphitheater."

Serrata described how important

community colleges are to Texas'

growing economy and population.

Serrata expects the city will reach out since the college owns much of the land surrounding the Transmountain campus.

"When they do, the board and I will be willing to listen to what the city has," said Serrata.

The president thanked everyone at the end and acknowledged many faculty members, vice presidents, and instructors for their good work at EPCC.

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