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Doom Eternal Review


“Doom Eternal” is one of the best first-person shooter games to come out in recent memory.

This game challenges you to be moving constantly, manage your resources, and learn from your mistakes.

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For some background information on “Doom Eternal,” it is a sequel to “Doom” (2016), a reboot of the franchise, and is developed by id Software, known for games such “Wolfenstein 3D,”  the original “Doom”, its sequel “Doom 2: Hell on Earth” and the Quake franchise.

This game is rated M for Mature for violence, blood and gore. 

However, you don’t kill any humans.

The only creatures you fight are the many demons that are invading earth.

The story of “Doom Eternal” takes place 8 months after “Doom” (2016) where Earth is being invaded by Hell and it is up to the Doom Slayer to stop hell’s invasion and save humanity.

In terms of story, it’s not really the focus of the game since the Doom franchise is known for throwing you straight into action and moving along to each level. If you want a full-on character driven narrative, you may not like this.

However, the gameplay is the center focus and it is some of the best.

Moving on to gameplay, I think it's really engaging since you need to move around and worry about your resources.

This includes ammunition, shield and most importantly, your health.

In the days leading up to the games release, id Software advertised how to succeed in this game.

Use your flame thrower to gain armor, use your chainsaw to get ammo and glory kill demons to get health. 

Glory kills act as executions on demons and you could compare them to fatalities from Mortal Kombat. 

This game is challenging, and in my opinion, that’s what makes it fun. In Doom Eternal you do run out of ammo faster than in the last game.  You are in an arena having everything thrown at you. 

The developers do offer a solution for this during combat. 

The smaller enemies will spawn in and you can use your chainsaw to pick up ammo.

You have multiple weapons in the game that you can use that can help you take down certain enemy types.

Speaking of enemy types, each demon will have a certain weakness and a certain gun will aid you. 

As character progression goes, you can upgrade your weapons, your character abilities, and unlock weapon skins and player skins.

The game does have some multiplayer, that being “Battle” mode which is a game mode that’s a two-versus-one.

Two players play as demons that they can choose, and one player is the Doom Slayer.

In the coming months Doom Eternal will get another mode called “Invasion” mode where a player can join another player's campaign as a demon and attack them.

There will be DLC, which will be campaign expansions; there are two planned for release. 

As of now there is no set date for the DLC.

The music in the game is really well done.

It matches up to the intensity of the game play, the sound design is well done.

Each weapon sounds distinct and powerful and it's just well done.

The graphics are amazing for this game, especially if you are playing on PC. 

From my experience, the game runs very smoothly, no stutters at all. 

Overall, I highly recommend this game to anyone who loves FPS games, and especially fans of the Doom games. 

The action is great, the gameplay is challenging but fun and overall this is a really good game that tops “Doom” (2016).

If you have a PC that can run this game, I would recommend getting it on that platform for better performance and the advantage of a mouse and keyboard. 

I would give “Doom Eternal” 5 out of 5 stars.

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