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Derbez brings inspiring story to life in "Radical"


Eugenio Derbez playing teacher Sergio Juarez in the film Radical.

On November 3rd “Radical” was released in the U.S. with Mexican star Eugenio Derbez, and all I could say is that it is worth watching. I believe this movie will be watched by people that grew up watching Derbez and are fans of his work because not many ads have been published promoting this movie, which is sad because in my opinion it’s such a beautiful and

heartwarming film that is made to be rewatched thousands of times.

It is kind of similar to the 2007 movie “Freedom Writers” and has the same plot as well since its main issue is the students not meeting their education level and the teacher not knowing what they’re doing, but still managing to do whatever is possible to make the students succeed.

Derbez plays Sergio Juárez, a new 6th grade teacher applying for a job at the worst performing school in Mexico. He realizes that these kids only know hardship and violence and aren’t good at school since they aren’t motivated to do well. These kids go through a lot in their personal lives so they don’t care about their education, until Sergio comes into their lives and changes the kids’ way of learning and gives them a safe environment to be away from the world.

Eugenio Derbez in the film Radical.

“Radical” is a moving and playful movie that you will enjoy watching. It shows how one teacher can make a difference in your life, it reminds us of when we were in school, and we had that one teacher that was special to us. I would give this movie a five star rating, from the cinematography to the message in the movie it was worth the two hours.

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