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Daniel Becker named EPCC’s Employee of the Month

Updated: Apr 11, 2023


EPCC music department lab assistant Daniel Becker was named the college’s Employee of the Month for March.

The El Paso native and Eastwood High graduate, who has been employed at EPCC for 15 years (eight full-time), had no idea he’d ever receive this kind of honor. “I’m shocked for sure,” said Becker. “I didn’t expect this and it’s really nice of everyone from the students and faculty. It was definitely surprising.”

Though honored about receiving the award, Becker isn’t exactly sure why he was singled out.

“I’m not sure exactly but I think it’s because I try to be there for anybody that needs help here,” he said. “The music department here is like my second home." Becker is a walking reminder of EPCC’s slogan about EPCC being, a great place to start.

“I was a work study for the professor that was the head of the music department here, so I was a student and then I was working part time as well," said Becker “I have always been here at Valle Verde; I’ve been to the other campuses for other events, but I have always worked here.”

When asked who the first person he’d call about the award, Becker didn’t hesitate.

“I will most probably call my mom,” he said. “She’s the one that installed the love of music in me. She’s the one that taught me piano and got me into music in the first place.”

Daniel Becker named Employee of the Month.

In fact, she wasted no time getting her son involved in what would eventually become his life’s passion.

“She [mom] started teaching me piano when I was five years old,” Becker explained. “In high school I was obsessed with music, and I was in like five or six bands but I didn’t really know how to read music. It wasn’t until I came here to EPCC and learned about theory and learning how to read music. “Music has been part of my life forever, but EPCC is the place where I really learned music. It’s my home.”

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