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Christopher Nolan is at his mind-blowing best with Tenet


Watching Tenet is like being in a confusing science or math class but still having fun.

Tenet is Christopher Nolan's latest release and it is a truly cinematic experience. If you plan on venturing to a theatre near you, Tenet is easily your best viewing option.

John Davis Washington (L) and Robert Pattison star in director Christopher Nolan’s latest mind-bending film.

Like many of Nolan's movies, Tenet can be best described as an "intellectual's blockbuster."

The movie follows John David Washington's "The Protagonist" as he tries to stop an annihilation level event.

The film is set up like a typical spy movie but with the added twist of time inversion that is more enjoyable when you don't try to understand it.

The movie is probably Nolan's most complex film which is saying a lot considering his other work, especially Memento.

The film is packed with stellar performances. Washington is enjoyable and Elizabeth Debicki is the emotional core of the film. Robert Pattinson gives my favorite performance and once again proves that he's more than just that Twilight guy.

The film doesn't really give many emotional beats to keep you engaged. Instead, the movie ties you in with insanely intricate action set pieces and a satisfying conclusion.

The movie is built for multiple viewings and a second viewing really does change the way you view the film.

Every technical aspect of the movie is masterful, and the only complaint I've seen is that the music can be overpowering in some spots but it never bothered me.

The movie is amazing and I just want to watch a whole movie about how they made this movie.

Tenet is a must see for movie fanatics and won't disappoint as your first experience back in theaters.

I can understand if the movie is not for you, but I am the film's target audience so I'd give the movie a 5 out of 5 stars.

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