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  • Raquel Almodovar

Cócteles Mazatlán

This restaurant is rated 5 stars in many of my friend groups. I have heard good things about the service and the food of Cocteles Mazatlan.

It is only a few miles from my home so I decided to give the restaurant a chance. Did my visit reach the 5 stars?

In the category of service, not just the five star experience I was hoping for.

We sat and without a hostess, the waiters didn’t acknowledge us until we called upon them.

There was not one specific waitress at the table, but three or four waiters for just our table. Making It a bit repetitive. Aside from the initial impression, the service improved.

From then on we waited and everything went well. We ordered a combo meal which included the appetizer and meal.

The appetizer was brought out before the meal as it should be and not much later the entree was brought. This made our time at the table pleasant and rid of awkward waiting or full stomachs.

The menu reached all aspects of seafood lovers as well as meat and chicken entrees, for all types of taste buds. The only request I would have is Sushi, sadly it was not on the menu.

The kid’s menu was offered and made just as good as our entrees. The restaurant is a little more on the pricey side, most of the items were over $13 a plate.

But overall if you're willing to spend it, the food was worth it. For two plates and a kids meal, I ended up spending around $60 which isn't too bad for dining out.

My meal was grilled shrimp over rice served with a side salad and a baked potato.

The shrimp were sliced in halves making each bit drenched in buttery taste. White rice cooked soft and combined with the butter dripping from the shrimp gave it an extra kick of flavor as it melted in my mouth.

The side salad was simple, romaine lettuce, sliced tomatoes and spinach. It gave the plate a decorative advantage. My husband's plate looked just as good, very colorful and filled to the rims. His plate was the breaded fillet with tampiquena topping.

The colors of the jalapeno and tomatoes seeped through the melted cheese giving the plate an illusionistic feel.

Overall my experience was good. I would rate overall a 4 star.

The service was good but needed work, the food was very good and the atmosphere of the restaurant was calm and spacious creating a comfortable area to enjoy a good meal.

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