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Bb.q Chicken: Bringing Korean Fried Chicken to El Paso


Bb.q Chicken is a new Korean barbeque restaurant located on 12040 Tierra Este Rd at the end of

the shopping center. With high expectations, I entered the small restaurant hungry and ready to


Secret sauce wings

When I walked in, I immediately noticed the modern aesthetic and the low pop music playing in the background. There were several options for seating including tables for four, tables for two, and booths against the wall, as well as a bar. The tables had a convenient metal bucket in the middle of the table lined with a disposable bag for disposing of chicken bones. The restaurant was decently full, but there was plenty of space to sit.

I was free to sit wherever I liked and, after I was seated, the waiter promptly came out with the

menu and took my drink order. The menu had an extensive list of wide varieties of Korean friedchicken, as well as other appetizers and drinks. I ordered the medium plate of secret sauce wings as well as the medium plate of hot spicy whole chicken. Each plate was fifteen dollars for about eight pieces of hearty chicken

The server brought out the orders hot and fresh in wing baskets after a short wait. The food smelled delicious, so I dove right in. The secret sauce wings were tangy, with a small hint of spice. I also tried the hot spicy wings which had different spices that reminded me of Tabasco sauce and a stronger kick.

They were less spicy than I expected them to be, with three chilis next

to the title on the menu. Overall, the wings were crunchy, dripping in sauce, and not too greasy.

Bb.q Chicken, 12040 Tierra Este Rd.

The service throughout my experience was wonderful. The server was polite, prompt, and helpful. The cleanliness of the restaurant was also exceptional. There was no grease on the tables or leftover chicken bones in the bucket.

Bb.q Chicken was founded in Seoul, South Korea to keep traditional Korean fried chicken alive and to share it with the world. This El Paso franchise is serving that purpose and opening El Paso’s eyes to a whole new world of barbeque.

Bb.q Chicken delivered in full, and I walked out satisfied and happy. I would highly recommend this restaurant, giving it a 4.5 out of 5 stars and will be going back to try the other flavors of Korean style fried chicken!

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