Onward Movie Review

April 6, 2020


“Onward” is a film from Disney-Pixar, and introduces two teenage elven brothers who commence an extraordinary adventure to discover if there is still magic left in the world so that they can have an opportunity to see their father one last time. You can watch it now on Disney Plus.



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The film provides an animated interpretation of an intimate piece of the childhood of
director and co-writer, Dan Scanlon. Scanlon was inspired by the death of his father when he
was just a year old, and his brother, who is a few years older, had only unclear memories
about his father.


“Onward” follows Ian and Barley, voiced by stars Tom Holland and Chris Pratt.


The English actor, Tom Holland, plays the shy, skinny Ian, who was in his mom’s womb when
his dad died.


When he turns 16 years old, he is hoping to make changes in his life, and he has
a checklist of goals to make it all happen.


On the other hand, Pratt plays boisterous big brother, Barley, still living at home with
their mom, and who only plays a Dungeons & Dragons inspired game.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays Laurel and is the widowed mother of Ian and Barley.

The basic plot of this film is that their mom, Laurel, reveals a secret to her sons, one
she held onto until Ian’s 16th birthday.


Their father left them an ancient staff with a rare gem
to place atop it.


Those items, along with a magical phrase, would bring him back to them for
24 hours.


But when they tried to say the magic phrase, something terrible happened and the
stone exploded.


Their father only arrived with half of his body. In order to make their father
whole, they have to find another gem.


They must go on a journey full of challenges and dangers before time runs out.

During the trip, Ian is anxious to be able to see his father and to be able to speak with
him, since Ian made a list of the activities that he wants to do with him before he leaves
again, but they go through many obstacles on the road that make him lose hope of knowing


Personally, I am a very emotional person, and the movie made me cry with its
beautiful message that applies to family.


I did not like the end of the film because of how it
treats the character Ian.


The movie is for all kinds of audiences.


I recommend the movie “Onward.” It will make you laugh and cry at the same time.


I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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