The tension in "The Invisible Man" is visible

March 10, 2020


“The Invisible Man” is the latest film out of Blumhouse Productions and it’s a great show of how to do tension in a movie.            


“The Invisible Man” follows Cecilia Kass, a woman who escapes her boyfriend’s abuse, decides to move on after he apparently commits suicide, but it seems that he has discovered a way to still abuse her without anyone being able to see him.  



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The movie follows Cecilia as she tries to prove that her dead ex-boyfriend is now invisible and ruining her life.


Leigh Whannell writes and directs this  version of “The Invisible Man,” with a new take on H. G. Well’s classic tale.  

Instead of the ‘Invisible Man’ being a protagonist dealing with a curse, Whannell chooses to make his ‘Invisible Man’ a villain and we follow his victims.


This is Whannell’s follow up to the critically acclaimed “Upgrade” and “The Invisible Man” proves that his prior success was not a fluke.


The film stars Elisabeth Moss as protagonist Cecilia, and Aldis Hodge as Cecilia’s helpful friend.  Antagonist Adrian is played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen.


The movie is amazing in how it makes you believe that you are watching something, even in an empty shot,  which you believe is going to hit or do something to hurt Cecilia.  


Any jump scares in the movie are definitely earned.


The film tries to drive us crazy, waiting for something to happen, and when it happens, we want to get out of there, we want it to end now. We sit there and watch as the main character is gaslit with no one believing her even though she’s being physically and mentally scarred.


The film is a psychological thriller, and creates so much tension that you’re afraid before any loud jump scares.

“The Invisible Man” is not about a simple monster that seeks to harm, there is a story behind it.


Adrian Griffin had a life with Cecilia, and thoughout the film, we realize that she was traumatized from all the damage that he did to her.


The film has an impressive amount of twists, but some aren’t very surprising and it’s weird that they were focused on.


Cecilia is one of the best female characters ever.  


You can notice her sadness and her fear in defending herself and her escape from the monster. She is clever and capable.  


She is forced to help herself.  She is the anti-damsel in distress.


The cinematography stands out a lot.  Whenever they want to show us the feelings of the characters, it does so through visuals. 


For example,  when the filmmakers want to show loneliness, they give us a wide shot of the protagonist. 


The film has tense moments.


When Cecilia is suffering throughout the film, the movie doesn’t let us rest, and it becomes you who is suffering the villain’s attacks.


‘The Invisible Man’ is a great success for this year, a thriller that will make you feel what characters suffer. With a

perfect villain, who seeks to destroy his victim while not being seen.


 Great performances, an interesting script, inspired cinematography and incredible shots.  


I give “The Invisible Man”  4 stars out of 5. 

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