Mainstream press is desperate for clicks

March 10, 2020

The Coronavirus has struck fear into millions since reports of it started coming out in February, and the Tejano Tribune ran a poll asking if people were worried.  


From interviews we conducted with students, it seemed as if people thought the Coronavirus was being overblown, but now it seems that we should actually be worried.


Since that initial poll, the stock market has had some of its worst days in years, Italy and China have basically shut down, stores have been raided and buying hand sanitizer or toilet paper has become an issue for some.  


And good luck trying to buy a face mask.


I recently went to a conference in Dallas, and the conference was deemed a “no-touch” conference.  


Hand sanitizer was passed out to every guest and hand shakes were not allowed. 


Coronavirus has dominated the news cycle for weeks, and I think that’s the issue.  


This editorial isn’t about the dangers of the coronavirus, it is about how the media preys on people’s fears.


The Coronavirus has not infected or killed as many people as the common flu this year and after consideration from the governing bodies of the world, they suggest people stay calm.  


The only ones who seem to be saying that covid-19 is the end of the world, is the mainstream press.


The issue with the mainstream press is that, in their search for ways to stay relevant, they tend to over exaggerate the potential impact of a subject, which then produces panic, which they can then do stories on.


They are essentially doing stories on a story they created.  And this isn’t the first time.


Does anyone remember when the Trump administration was making decisions that would apparently lead to the annihilation of the Kurds.  


I do.  I also remember that ABC was so desperate for stories that they showed footage of a Kentucky gun show and passed it on as footage of a Kurd base being obliterated.  


Their goal wasn’t really to delegitimize the current president, it was to create outrage, because they know that outrage drives traffic towards their publications.  


The mainstream press doesn’t hate President Trump like they portray.  


They love him.  They know that every outrageous story they can push means more traffic to them, meaning more money to them.


The reason the mainstream press is dying isn’t because people don’t read, it’s because they are irrelevant.  They aren’t driven by any passion for the truth.  


They are driven for their own self-advancement.  


They don’t care about the facts, they care about what gets them money.


Tim Pool, an independent journalist working out of a van has 695,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel with


over 200,000 daily viewers, and the Washington Post, an established publication, has about 360,000 daily readers.  


Why does one man with limited resources nearly match one of the most famous news publications in the U.S.?


It’s because the mainstream media has killed their own credibility with over sensationalized stories and are losing people.


I’d be weary of any big stories the mainstream press tries to push and so should you.  


They tend to be misleading and as they lose their grasp on public opinion, they become more desperate and are willing to sacrifice journalistic integrity and cut corners.


I’m not saying you shouldn’t be worried about Coronavirus because I have something against the mainstream press.


I’m saying that you should get your facts from official organizations like the Center for Disease Control and not a corporation looking for clicks.


Last editorial, I told you to question authority figures.  


Now I’m urging you to question where you get your information from.


Like Denzel Washington said, “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed.  


If you do read it, you’re misinformed.”

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