EPCC Tejanos on a losing streak

March 10, 2020


The Tejanos (8-16) played four games on Friday and Saturday against the New Mexico Junior College Thunderbirds (8-12).


The Tejanos came into the series with an 8-12 record as they looked to reach .500 by picking up four wins against the Thunderbirds. 



Gabriel Valles / tejano tribune

Jesus Licon, batting at Tejanos vs New Mexico Junior College Thunderbirds Baseball Game.


Game one took place on Friday afternoon and saw the Tejanos start out hot with two runs in the first inning.


Both teams couldn’t score in the second inning, but the Tejanos were able to put that behind them by the third inning where they posted a red hot five unanswered scores. 


The Tejanos looked to be in control of the game as they were beating the Thunderbirds 7-0 before the fourth inning started. 


After three scoreless innings for the Tejanos, where they allowed one score from the Thunderbirds, EPCC began to fall apart.


The Thunderbirds managed to rally back and score seven unanswered runs in the final inning, ending the game with a score of 8-7.


The second game took place later in the day as the Tejanos were still looking to pick up a win against the Thunderbirds. EPCC started off with a single in the first inning that was matched by the Thunderbirds in the second. 


The third inning was a shootout as each team notched two scores a piece, tying the score at 3-3. 


Only one run was scored over the next two innings, which put the score at 4-3 in favor of the Thunderbirds. 


The sixth inning proved to be decisive for New Mexico as they scored seven runs to the Tejano’s one.


The game ultimately ended in the seventh inning,12-4.


Game three had the Tejanos looking to regroup after two big losses the day before.


The game began with two scoreless innings, which changed when the Thunderbirds were able to score in the third making the score 1-0. 


The fourth inning followed the trend of the first two before a back and forth affair took place in the fifth seeing the Tejanos score two runs to the Thunderbirds one, tying the score at 2-2.



Gabriel Valles / tejano tribune

Garrett Calderon, pitching at Tejanos vs New Mexico Junior College Thunderbirds Baseball Game.





EPCC was not able to get back on track after this as the Thunderbirds posted eight scores in the final two innings making the final score 10-2.


The final game in the series saw EPCC looking desperate to find a win. 


The Tejanos fell behind quickly within the first three innings, posting two scores to the Thunderbirds’ four.


EPCC managed to score a single in the fourth, making the score 4-3, as the Tejanos looked to rally back. 


This score mostly seemed to be a consolation prize when in the fifth inning the Thunderbirds dropped three scores on the Tejanos. 


This, along with a seven-run avalanche by the Thunderbirds, gave the Tejanos their fourth straight loss. The final

score was 15-6. The Tejanos will play their next games against Frank Phillips College on March 13 and 14.

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