"Artist/Mother" discussion hosted at VV

March 10, 2020

 The EPCC Art department hosted a workshop exhibit with visiting artists at the Valle Verde campus.


The events held included a podcast recording, an artist talk along with a workshop, featuring two visiting artists. 


The two visiting arts were Kaylan Buteyn and Sarah Irvin.   


Both artists held a presentation about their work, the struggles they have gone through finding themselves as artists, and the challenges of being both a mother and an artist.  


The artists also spoke about their studio practices as well as their community building projects. 


Buteyn has had her work exhibited internationally and across the U.S.. She started a podcast in 2019 titled the “Artist/Mother” podcast where she interviews working artists who are mothers about their life and work.  


Her podcast helped her build a community that shows off events, groups, retreats, exhibits, and more.


She also spoke about creating art with her children, some artists that are her inspirations, and some of the materials she uses for her work.


Buteyn is a mother of three children from rural Tennessee and has her Master of Fine Arts from the New Hampshire Institute of Art, a Bachelor of Science in Communications and a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from Houghton College.


Irvin’s presentation was about some of her work that she has done after having a child, how she has incorporated her child into making some of her work, and some of the techniques she used during the process. 


Irvin is from Richmond, Virginia and she is a mother to one child. 


Irvin has had some of her work featured across the U.S. and abroad. She has also contributed in a group exhibition of over 50 artists and has had her work featured in 20 solo shows.  


Irvin is represented by the Page Bond Gallery in Richmond, Virginia, the Massey Klein Gallery and the Kathryn Markel Fine Arts Gallery; both located in New York.  


Irvin also founded the website Artist Parent Index.


It is a database of artists that make their work about their experience with reproduction and childbearing.


She has earned a Master of Fine Arts from George Mason University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Georgia.


After the artist presentation, a workshop was held that was open to the public.


Students were encouraged to participate with the workshop. The audience was engaged with the questions that were asked.  


To wrap up the entire event, both Irvin and Buteyn gave some suggestions for artists.


They advised students to think about their holistic wellbeing, look at different lifestyles of artists and what they do.  


They added that students should allow obstacles to become their motivations, and not to be pressured by expectations. 


This presentation was able to bring art students and individuals interested in art together and have a discussion.


These events were made possible by funding from the Spring Arts Festival, the Salute Arts Department and Casa Otro and the NMSU Art Department. 




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