Coronavirus fears end EPCC Philosophy Club trip

March 10, 2020

 Coronavirus fears lead to EPCC Philosophy Club trip getting cancelled.


The EPCC Philosophy Club was personally invited to the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy conference to take place in San Miguel de Allende, but due to fears of the Coronavirus and how it may affect the border, the Philosophy Club was forced to cancel the trip.



Photo courtesy CDCand prevention

Coronavirus (COVID-19) originating in Wuhan, China, has now spread to the rest of the world.



As of March 6, six cases of covid-19 have been reported in Mexico.Fears over the virus have led to travel stalling and on March 1, U.S. President, Donald Trump, suggested that the U.S.-Mexican border may be closed down due to covid-19 diagnoses south of the border.  


These comments were walked back, but nevertheless, their impact was apparent.


On March 2, the EPCC Philosophy Club cancelled their trip to San Miguel with EPCC publishing, “EPCC will review any upcoming academic or college-sponsored international travel and act in the best interest of the campus community in accordance with recommendations from health authorities.”


EPCC is also advising to, “consider guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and local health organizations before traveling,” and to “carefully weigh the risks and benefits of any international travel.”


EPCC will continue providing coronavirus updates through MyEPCC and provide resources on how to prevent the spread of covid-19.


Other than the obvious concern that traveling may lead to some being infected by covid-19, the issue of a potential border closure would have meant that students and professors  traveling to the conference would not be able to come back to the U.S. to attend classes.


The location of the forty-third annual SAAP conference was supposed to be a show of progress.  


It was the first time in 47 years that the conference was located south of the border, the message being that american philosophy includes Latin American philosophy.


Because the EPCC Philosophy Club could not present their work, colleagues presented in their place, and the club’s advisor, Manuela Gomez, received positive feedback from colleagues in Chicago, Kentucky and Mexico.


The EPCC Philosophy Club was invited to present at the 2021 SAAP conference and the over $8,000 raised for the trip has been redirected to funding next year’s travels.


The EPCC Philosophy Club continues to make their mark past El Paso and Gomez was invited to speak at the Davenport Lecture at Texas A&M on April 23.  


She will be speaking on the club’s work and impact.  


The EPCC Philosophy Club has received letters from the mayor and other congressional representatives

recognizing their work and received the 2019 Success Through Technology Education Foundation award.


The EPCC Philosophy Club is known for their volunteer work along the border where they have given gifts to immigrant children in shelters since 2014.  


They also have been donating time and other necessities to the Opportunity Shelter for over five years.


Gomez thanks EPCC President, William Serrata, Ph.D., for his continued support of the club, and mentioned that he is a first-generation student, much like other Philosophy Club members that were set to present.


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