Texas NAACP President: minority vote is key

March 3, 2020


Texas NAACP President, Gary Bledsoe, J.D., spoke about the minority vote at EPCC’s annual Black History Month Student Assembly and Legacy Awards Dinner. 


EPCC’s Black History Month festivities began with a Student Assembly at the Valle Verde Campus, and concluded with the Legacy Awards Dinner at the EPCC Administrative Center.



Bryan ponce / Tejano Tribune

Gary Bledsoe, J.D., Texas NAACP President, speaking at the Black History Monthe Student Assembly, part of 



Blesdoe said on the importance of the vote, “We look at leaders like Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela or Cesar Chavez, and they’ve all talked about how the things that they were trying to seek would never come to fruition unless the people that they were trying to represent received a full opportunity to vote, as would the other people in the communities that they lived in.”


“This 2020 election is extremely important because you can determine who your leaders are,” Bledsoe continued on about the upcoming election cycle, “There is a reason why people don’t wish for people to vote.


If there are people who are trying to stop me from being able to vote, then there must be something important about being able to vote.”


Bledsoe’s closing message was, “We're all connected. We share more in common than what we have that would be different.


We're concerned about human kind and the welfare in our communities. That is something we all share. That is something that’s important.”


Later that evening Bledsoe took part in a reception ahead of the Legacy Awards Dinner, which honored Judge John Chatman, Baby Ruth Bowell, and Felix Hinojosa, head coach of the EPCC Half-Marathon Team who was honored along with his runners.


Last year’s Hispanic Heritage Month honoree, Ouisa D. Davis, Attorney & Counselor at Law, was invited back as Master of Ceremonies. 


The event was put together by Olga C. Chavez, M.A., LPC Director of Diversity & Inclusion Programs, and the Black History committee, volunteers, and sponsors.


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