Questioning leadership is pure American

March 3, 2020

There is a uniqueness of the U.S. among other countries dominating the world stage, and sadly, the failings of civic education has meant a trend towards submission to the state.


The U.S. is defined by a rebellion, and that rebellious attitude made the U.S. a shining light while the rest of the conformous world fought for domination, but in the last century, the federal government has moved towards the statist nightmare of European states.  


And in the last few decades, it seems the citizenry has started to lay down in the face of the state’s expansion.


The U.S. was really the first of its kind.  



Following the enlightenment, the founding fathers realized that the chaos of European diplomacy was more than political disagreements, and was rooted in the nature of overbearing states and their inherent desire to expand their control.


After defeating a global superpower, our forefathers created a system of a self-correcting government that reflected a cultural shift towards individualism.  


The system laid out by the U.S. Constitution isn’t a perfect ensurer of liberty because as you’ll see, statists have bypassed checks to still increase dominance.  


And to be clear, an increase in state oversight, that always happens in wartime - and we’ve been at war for 18 consecutive years, directly limits individual freedom.


The idea of individualism is essential.  


The key to a document like the U.S. Constitution succeeding is whether or not the populous it controls values personal freedom.  


The idea of individualism is that a person is responsible for their own success or failings, and that they can use whatever means they have to advance their place in a social hierarchy as long as it doesn’t impede on another’s freedom to do the same.


This principle kept the federal government small.


The people’s desire to be left alone meant that the government stayed decentralized, which is good because it means that bad decisions rarely affect people outside their region or locality.


But with depressions and wars, there was a cultural shift that the state should “promote for the general welfare,”

so as is the nature of the state, they expanded control.


They took this one line in the U.S. Constitution and increased government spending and debt by trillions and turned the U.S. into a global police force stuck in perpetual war.  


The U.S. government has crippled people and stolen their earnings while claiming they are helping.  


Like Albert Camus said, “The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyranny.”


The thing that worries me is that in the upcoming presidential election, both major parties are now transparent with their state expansion plans, and their supporters are asking them to go further.  


I blame how the public education system deals with civic education.


The public education system is inherently an indoctrination system for the citizenry to accept the state’s oppression.  


The current education model championed by Horrace Mann was adapted from the Prussian model that was used to indoctrinate their youth into a militaristic society.  


Former Texas U.S. Representative, Ron Paul, stated, “When government usurps control of education from parents, education can easily become indoctrination.”  


Why question your government when you asked for permission to use the restroom for 13 years of your life?


The acceptance of an enlarged state is also the cause of increased political polarization.


With the federal government more and more in people’s personal lives, political stakes are higher.  In an individualistic society, this isn’t the case.


I am happy to see rises in distrust of the establishment, and more importantly, their authority. 


Distrust is an indicator that a population is willing to check their government.


In the end though, nothing will change until the intentions of the founding fathers are taught, the individual is emphasized, and questioning government authority is more common.


Your rights are not derived from the government.  


They cannot be taken away by the whims of a state.  


They are inalienable.  Continue to question authority.


Remember Ron Paul’s words, “Truth is treason in an empire of lies.”

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