We must do more to protect our planet

December 3, 2019

Our world is changing at a fast pace because of human interference, it is important for the government to regulate global warming and keep the laws that protect our wildlife. 


Over the course of recent years there have been laws made to protect our environment as contamination rises. 


In 1872 the federal government passed the Yellowstone National park act, according to the National Park Service this law was meant “... for the preservation... of all timber, mineral deposits, natural curiosities and wonders... and their retention in their natural condition.”


The law was quite strict about the use of the land, a problem that they had was that the people wanted to install watermills in its rivers to provide energy. 




But because this law was in action it was not allowed since the mill would end up changing the water temperature and the amount of nutrients in the river.


This could have affected the fish population, since they need a specific temperature to breed. 


In present days we are having the same types of issues, according to National Geographic’s article “Alaska’s Choice: Salmon or Gold,” it talks about how the U.S. wants to build a gold mine in Alaska. 


This may end up causing contamination to the rivers potentially harming the salmon population. 


In 2007 the Environmental Protection Agency began to regulate the disposal of coal contribution, waste in landfills and surface impoundments. 


As we know Coal is one of the main fossil fuels, when it is burned and released into the atmosphere it adds to the contamination in the air and hurts our environment. 


When companies prepare to make an open mining pit to find coal or other metals they end up destroying a large area of land that was once full of trees and other wild shrubs.


People must ask their government to fix the damage made by covering up the hole and replanting trees. 


They must also be extremely careful with the exposed nutrients and minerals, if they end up in our water systems it can lead to poisoning of fish and contamination for our water. 


Big companies don’t want the government to be involved in their businesses, since they regulate the levels of greenhouse gasses being released into the atmosphere. 


Now landfills are extremely regulated, these man made structures can cause a lot of damage to our water systems and soil. 


When these structures are created they utilize different layers to prevent chemicals and gases from filtering into the ground or escaping. 


The people in charge of landfills must be constantly checking if any chemicals have filtered into our water reserves. 


If some contamination is found they must re-do the process all over again layer by layer. 


These landfills can benefit us because they contain our trash without having to burn things. However, it can also cause damage to people. 


Birds tend to pick up trash from landfills and end up dropping it on people’s properties, mainly those who live nearby. 


Many people don’t know that their houses might have been built on top of an old landfill, the gases released by this trash buried within the ground is flammable and can cause health problems for the people.


The forestry law helps prevent Illegal log cuttings and pushes companies to replant and regulate how many trees they cut.


Trees take years to grow big enough to even provide some shade, now if we keep cutting the trees faster than what they can grow we will end up running out of mature trees which have been around for decades.


We have been cutting trees for so long that our primary forests are gone, all of our mature trees are part of the second generation of trees because we already cut the first trees that had been in this land for years. 


The Endangered Species Act which was passed in 1973, in order to protect the homes and the hunt of the species that are in danger. 


Republicans don’t really show any care for this important law, in fact they don’t want to renew it. 


They want to use the land for resources, they will destroy the forests and eventually disrupt the food chain. 


For example, wolves are one of the top predators in our forests.


Without them populations of deer and other animals that they eat will grow  rapidly. 


This eventually leads to them overeating wild grasses further disrupting  the food chain, causing it to collapse. 


Without this protection laws, animals such as eagles and wolves will be hunted down and be extinct in less than a year. 


The facts show that keeping and enforcing our environmental laws can help slow down climate change. We must protect our natural resources in order for future generations to have a world they can breathe clean air in and swim in blue waters.

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