Goodbye column from outgoing editor

December 3, 2019

After working for the Tejano Tribune for about a year, I will be graduating and no longer be here to ‘clap back’ at the issues affecting our world.


While I will no longer be at EPCC I commit myself to continue working as a seeker of truth and an activist that stands for what I believe is right.


I am grateful to have learned so much and will be sure to take this knowledge with me on the next step in my journey.


I want to thank all the teachers at EPCC leading me through this process.


I want to thank English professor Miguel Ramirez for helping me realize my passion for writing after leaving school for two years.



I want to thank Communication professor Lorena Figueroa for showing me that no matter what language barrier you may face, you can still be a writer.


Most importantly I want to thank all the staff here at the Tejano Tribune. 


Thank you for putting up with this outspoken, dyslexic, unorganised mess of an editor and helping me follow my dreams.


Even through all the frustration, headbutting and deadlines, you guys made it possible.


To my successor I would like to say there is still so much work to be done in the name of the truth.


There are still stories to uncover and tell, and it won’t always be easy.


I would like to leave my readers with one final story.


Northwestern University’s student newspaper faced backlash from students after covering a protest that happened on campus on Nov. 5.


These student reporters felt pressured to publish an apology after covering and photographing the event.


Protesting students claimed their practices were an invasion of privacy and the Daily Northwestern “decided to prioritize the trust and safety of students who were photographed.”


While this may sound nobel many reporters spoke out against the apology insisting what they did is necessary for journalism to exist.


Journalism is sometimes uncomfortable, it isn’t always fun or pretty, but our society needs it. 


We live in a country where freedom of the press is the First Amendment in the Constitution.


A country where we are allowed to share information and thoughts without repercussions. 


The reporter at the Daily Northwestern made a mistake by apologising, but that’s ok.


These reporters are still young and learning just like the ones here.


I hope my peers and future students continue the search for truth at EPCC.


I hope more journalists uncover the unique characters walking through these halls.


I hope they keep shining lights on all the great work done at this college. 


While print may be dying the need for watch dogs and truth seekers will live on.


It may sound cliché, but the Tejano Tribune is truly the best place to start as a journalist.

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