UTEP and EPCC commit on working together

November 19, 2019


EPCC President William Serrata and UTEP President Heather Wilson have renewed their agreement to continue working together to improve the education in the city. 

The agreement reinforces their strong partnership allowing students from both schools to have a better experience.



EPCC and UTEP collaboration agreement was renewed by Serrata and Wilson. 



This won’t only allow the students of these institutions to keep studying, but also help those who are about to graduate from high school and seek to continue their studies in one of these schools.


“Together, in the past decade, we’ve awarded 83,745 degrees and certificates, and 74% of UTEP Bachelor degree recipients have earned EPCC credit,” said a statement released in October signed by both Serrata and Wilson.


This reinforces the idea that students starting at EPCC can get their credits transferred to UTEP to continue their education there. 


Both colleges seek to revitalize the efforts they have made in the past years and are making now, to continue their partnership. 


This collaboration is what contributes to student success of both colleges according to both presidents in their statement. 


The statement says: “For nearly three decades, faculty and staff at both EPCC and UTEP have made a strong commitment to the residents of the Paso del Norte region, developing strategies to provide access to exceptional higher education along with raising the educational aspirations, degree attainment, and overall academic excellence of area students.” 


This won’t only help students but may also allow the schools to receive national recognition.


The agreement set forth guidelines to follow to ensure the success of the partnership.


First, both schools plan to continue working with regional school districts to encourage high school graduates to continue their education. 


This will make High School students’ path to college easier. With more students prepared to attend college, the number of people attending university or college will increase, and the school districts will benefit. 


The schools will also be working to get rid of barriers that may affect student’s success. 


They’re not only looking to improve academically but also in the services they offer.This will make it easier for students to register and get aid.


Lastly the schools with share information with one another to “positively impact the health, culture, and education, and economy of the region we serve.” 


El Paso Community College and the University of Texas at El Paso, created and agreement that encompasses many aspects of their institutions that can improve the quality of education and service a student can receive.

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