People just don't know how to order coffee

November 19, 2019

As a barista I have had many experiences with customers. Since 2016, I have developed the skills to guess what the customer would enjoy.


When a customer gets to my counter and they don’t know what to order, my first question to them is if they are craving something creamy or something refreshing. 


Most coffee drinks can be served hot, cold, or even blended in ice. First of all, people have to understand the gigantic differences between brewed coffee, latte, cappuccino, and americano.


Brewed coffee is made by pouring hot water onto ground coffee beans, delicious and straightforward.


If you are short on cash, this may be a good choice for you.  


Add a little bit of half & half, sugar or even some delicious flavors such as amaretto syrup to make it a little special.


Latte or cafe au lait, as it’s known in Europe, is a coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk.


With this drink, I recommend asking for alternatives like coconut, almond or soy milk.


Now for the cappuccino, this drink sounds sophisticated and delicious, and it is often confused with a sweet drink. Cappuccino is basically 30 percent coffee, 30 percent milk to take out the bitterness.


The rest is a  topping of foamed milk, unlike a latte which has no foam.


I recommend adding a classic flavor like hazelnut.


The Americano, which is an espresso shots with water, is best for busy mornings or late nights.


This drink can also be served over ice or hot. The lavender or rose flavors pair excellently with this drink with just a splash of cream.


If you want to try the espresso for the first time, try the Panna, which is a single or double shot of espresso topped with whipped cream.


Trying to cut sugar? That’s ok, order a macchiato which is an espresso with a splash of milk or heavy whipped cream. This helps cut out the bitterness of espresso for those that are not used to the flavor. 

Have you heard about the beer version of coffee? Well, nitro cold brew is basically  that.


It is iced coffee with nitrogen in it, it is creamier, has less acidity, and gives you an energy burst.


Try it with cinnamon syrup and almond milk or just black. It is the perfect drink before workout.


Loose-leaf tea lattes are becoming increasingly popular to avoid the effects of caffeine, add honey or brown

sugar to keep it healthy but still delicious. 


To get a great experience at any coffee shop, ask for their signature or most popular drink, your barista  may appreciate your curiosity.


A good tip is to bring your own tumbler, coffee shops sometimes give discounts to those with their own container as well as student. 


Something people may not know is that it is very frustrating for coffee shop workers to clean up unfinished drinks.


Please do not irritate baristas by throwing hot drinks in the trash, ask if they can pour it out in the sink for you. They will be happy you did.


Finally, the best way to say thank you to someone that made you a delicious drink is with a good tip.

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