"Noelle" should retire as a Christmas movie

November 19, 2019


"Noelle" is the new movie to come from the Walt Disney Co. and the streaming service Disney+, premiering on Nov. 12.


"Noelle" stars Anna Kendrick as Noelle Kringle, Bill Hader as Nick Kringle, Billy Eichner as Gabe Kringle, Julie  Hagerty as Mrs.Claus.



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Anna Kendrick is the main actress

for the film "Noelle" created by Disney+.



The supporting cast includes Ron Funches as Elf Mortimer, Shirley MacLaine as Elf Polly, Maceo Smedley as Alex Hapman, Billy Griffith as Elder Elf Billy, and more.


"Noelle" is directed and written by Marc Lawrence. 


The movie is about how Santa Claus has decided to retire.His son Nick, gets cold feet on Christmas Eve and the responsibility of it falls to his daughter Noelle, to take over the family business.     


"Noelle" asks what if a female was chosen to be Santa Claus instead of an male.


Movies like “The Santa Clause,” starring Tim Allen and “Fred Claus,” starring Vince Vaungh have always shown Santa Claus as a man, "Noelle" tried to change the way we look at Santa Claus. 


The story of "Noelle" is not perfect but it is good enough to pull off something creative.


I think the story and plot of "Noelle" is heavily inspired by many Christmas movies of the past like “Elf” and “Last Christmas.”  Kendrick’s performance was great, giving emotion to the role. 


Visually, "Noelle" has some good and bad moments with computer generated imaging.


For example the reindeer named Snowcone does not look great, but the visual effects people did the best they could.


The green screen effect in "Noelle" are not perfect, especially when they ride their sleigh.


I think that the visual effects people could have taken their time. 


The movie features abundant product placement meaning the movie probably had budget problems or the studio wanted extra money to promote their new streaming service.


I think that if you could ignore the product placement in the movie then you could enjoy the visual and story components.  


During the third act of "Noelle" is where the movie gives heart and emotion to the audience.


The movie gives you new traditions and breaks the stereotype of what Santa Claus could be.


"Noelle" is able to provide the audience with the warm embrace of the Christmas season while giving families a new Christmas story.


The film is targeted towards young children and families with Disney+ and who are looking for a new Christmas movie.  


"Noelle" is the first original  live action movie to premiere on Disney+ alongside the remake of The Lady and the Tramp.


I think the director felt rushed to complete the movie and did not have enough time to give advice to the movie editors and actors.


Overall, the movie is a mix of emotions in both the story and visual effects.


I give "Noelle" 3 out of 5 stars because of Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader’s performance are genuinely the best part of the movie.


There are some flaws but I do recommend that you only watch the third act or watch with small children.

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