LETTER TO THE EDITOR Impeachment could lead to further division

In reference to Oct. 2 column,  "Yeet Trump out of presidency"


I am proud and privileged to know that journalism exists and prevails in our school.


Freedom of the press is written in the foundations of American society, upheld in the first amendment along with speech, religion, and peaceful assembly, the cornerstones of our Democratic Republic.


I truly value the work of those whose efforts go unnoticed in the production of the Tejano Tribune.


I only wish the best prosperity for the paper, as it is the people’s voice in everything from local events to national policy.


The Tribune has brought to my attention numerous events and ideas of which I had no knowledge of.


I enjoy hearing stories of others in my school, from the social worker whose efforts are focused to end pain, to the first Hispanic woman in space who is a living testament of the power of the human will and mind.


These stories are not a work of fiction or hyperbolic rhetoric, but the perseverant men and women that make our nation great.


With passion and interest, the Tribune not only sparks an innate desire to strive to better oneself, but it stirs a sense of community that other works lack.


I am proud to be an American. I am proud to be an El Pasoan. I am proud to be a Tejano.


There is no doubt in my mind that there is serious division in our government.


Not only has this storm raged in the walls of Congress, our cities and unity has run plague with paranoia and fear.


We are burning bridges of unity and building walls of closed-mindedness.


We are in danger of losing the Union should we not change our ways.


When faced with the question of Civil War, President Lincoln said “In your hands, my dissatisfied fellow countrymen, not mine, is the momentous issue of civil war.”


Although we are not threatened by civil war, we hold in our hands the bindings of the Union.


We have two paths before us: failure to compromise and a greater division, or a will to set aside petty arguments and hold the nation higher.


The atrocities of the civil war should be a reminder of the consequences of quarrels between ideals and government, yet we have forgotten the lives lost to sow the flag tighter.


We have forgotten the pain, the hardships and the trials we have endured to form a nation of freedom and unity.


We have forgotten that we must stand together or watch the flag fall and the house crumble.


For two houses divided against each other shall not stand. We cannot continue with impeachment when the cords of freedom and peace wear thinner.


Unappeasable and ill-equipped, many have said of the President.


Many cry that he is a laughingstock, a representation of American idiocrasy, and should be removed from office.


However ridiculous President Trump may seem, we throw even more delirious outbursts when we cry for impeachment.


Is this the America the forefathers imagined when the liberty bell rang? Is this the America men and women have died fighting for? Did he do something wrong?


There is a possibility, yet we assume the accusations true, without trial.


Are we not held to a standard in this nation that a man or women is innocent until proven guilty?


Are we not taught that we must strive to find truth, even when it is not the truth we hope for?


Corrupt persons are those who lie, falsely accusing and misleading others, and yet we blame the President for a mess we create.


I not only ask, I plead, that the American public stand with the President, not because we must blindly believe he is an honest man, but because we hold in our hands the power to create the bridges move government.


We hold the key to free the yolks from the oppressed and clothe the naked. We, standing not as democrats or republicans, but as Americans, hold these truths to be self-evident.


All men and women were created equal to have voice in government and in public, to hold individual, unalienable rights, and to work together to better the Union. I am not a romantic hopeful, nor am I an optimist.


But I speak truth. We hold the power to impeach the President and hold him accountable for crimes we are unsure he committed.


But we hold something even greater. We hold our brother and our sister’s hand in our own. With that unity, even in the face of storms or poverty, we can always recover. We can do more than recover.


We can build a nation of tranquility, a host of freedoms and rights, and a society with values that exceed our own.


A nation of truths, of equality. I wish not to abolish opposing viewpoints or beliefs, but I wish to destroy the idea that a man is your enemy because he does not think nor believe what you do.


Such thinking is dangerous to others. I am only advocating a common unity in the American people that we must stand with the President rather than let him crumble simply because we wish him to.


The election is near; that is the time to joust and race for office and “perfect office”.


We have a year left with this President; this is the time to hold hands and fight for the American unity, not selfish endeavors.


I plead once again, hold divisions and strife far away from your goals.


Stand with the President. Stand with the American people. Stand with truth and unity, building blocks for the values of this nation. 

“Both sides deprecated war, but one of them would make war rather than let the nation survive;” – Abraham Lincoln.


In the American flag, I see blood of our veterans shed to keep the American public free.


I see the struggles of the abolitionists fighting for blacks to be slaves to none.


I see the women’s rights advocates who struggled to show that women are not higher nor lower than man, but equal.


I see the ordinary men and women that struggle everyday to prosper.


I see the fifty stars and think that Providence guided us to be so triumphant.


The flag waves every day as a living testament to those who lay their eyes on it, that it is by the American spirit that freedom roams the open plains and the urban streets.


It is by our united stance that we fight for the oppressed and the poor.


It is by the struggles and victories, the small and the large, from Americans past and present that light a brighter future for generations to come.


In the flag, sow our values, our victories, our story. The flag represents the immigrant, the farmer, the college student.


Our path has caused turmoil and strife, yet we remain because there lives in us a passion; in each of us lives the American spirit, a desire for economic prosperity and freedom.


We must use our voices and our gifts to preserve the flag and everything and everyone it stands for. We must stand together for America.  

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