Timely celebration marks college's 50th anniversary

November 5, 2019


The EPCC Leadership Academy held an event on Oct. 29, showcasing the time capsule celebrating the college’s 50 year anniversary.


The event was held at the Administrative Services Center’s auditorium. Music, team-building exercises and activities promoting school spirit passed the time up to the moment the capsule would be closed for 25 years.



EVan Hughes / Tejano Tribune

(L/R) Retired government professor, Leon Blevins and Wade Cornelius, NW speech instructor, saying a few last words before closing the time capsule, which will be burried at the Valle Verde campus.



The grey box was decorated with signatures of the attendees. Inside it was filled with EPCC memorabilia and messages to future educators from their counterparts at the college today.


Throughout the auditorium were exhibits that will be on display with the capsule upon completion of the Valle Verde campus’ new academic building.  


One exhibit featured saved newspapers covering the biggest events over the past 50 years, obsolete computer technology that was cutting edge at the time and even the various forms music that had become popular over the years. 


All accentuating the history EPCC has been through.


Before he forced the door of the four-foot tall lockbox closed, Cornelius took a moment to say the last words the contents of the safe will hear until the year 2044.


“When you look at any closed safe you think, there must be something valuable in it. Jewels, cash [and] valuable items… This safe holds something more precious than that,” said Wade Cornelius, a speech professor from the Northwest campus, to the crowd gathered around the large metal safe. “It holds pieces or our time.  And time is the most value thing we can spend.” 


“As members of our community and as colleagues of EPCC, consider all the ways you have used your time… The students you attend to, the colleagues you spend time with, the events like this one where we celebrate moments together,” Cornelius added.


Linda Brown a member of the Leadership Academy explained, “all sorts of things were suggested to be included collectables, coins, political buttons, commemorative watches from the 25th anniversary, the list goes on.”


“This is our legacy for the class of 2019,” she added.


Before it was time to seal the safe Cornelius passed his microphone to Leon Blevins, a former professor of government at the Valle Verde campus.


“There’s something special about this college,” he said. “I had the honor of teaching here over 40 years, you could say I’m a breathing time capsule.”


“Certain people didn’t think we needed a community college, they said we have Texas Western why would we need two?  The answer was we would offer different studies than Texas Western,” Blevins said laughing to himself, acknowledging that 50 years is a mark of success for any institution.


Blevins, who was dressed in the stars and stripes of Uncle Sam, would go on to win the costume competition upstaging Joan Jett, Boy George and Darth Vader impersonators.


“I started dressing like this for my students, something about an older [gentleman] in a colorful suit grabs people’s attention,” he explained.


Cornelius mediated a trivia game highlighting the different logos and leadership the college has had over the years, with an intermission for the costume contest.


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