Look past the profanity for social commentary

November 5, 2019


The full third season of Netflix’s original series Big Mouth was released, and the show continues to break boundaries while addressing the uncomfortable issues that come with adolescence.


While the first episode of the season was released in February as a Valentines Day special, the remaining 10 episodes were not aired until early October. 



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The season 3 of Big Mouth was similar by bringing forth

a range of topics like in the second episode "Girls re Angry Too".



The series is based on the lives of two of the creators, Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg, who are transformed into weird animated versions of their teenage selves.


To the uninitiated Big Mouth may be shocking. While the show brings up some serious topics about what it is to grow up, it does so with crass and shocking humor.


These jokes can be off putting, making even a hardened aficionado of adult animation like myself cringe. 


I tend to believe these jokes are mostly to capture the attention of the young edgy teens.


This is a good thing, looking past the vulgar jokes there are many valuable lessons I wish I had learned as a teen.


The previous season of Big Mouth dealt with some big topics like shame and depression, something young people are facing at increasing number. 


This season was similar bringing forth a range of topics like in the second episode of the season, “Girls are Angry Too.” 


The episode focuses on the unfairness of school dress codes for girls, the sexism around dressing provocatively and as the title implies, how girls can feel anger.


Another episode that brought up a topic some view as taboo was “How to Have an Orgasm,” the sixth of the season. 


During the first season the show brought up female masturbation, going as far to as to give one of the main characters, Jessi Glaser, a talking vagina. 


This episode dives further into the topic by discussing women’s orgasms. 


This is something refreshing in adult entertainment.


Looking back at movies like American Pie, Superbad and even ones as recent as Deadpool you can find jokes about men pleasuring themselves while similar jokes about women are rare.


Bringing up topics about women’s pleasure can be important.


Traditional cultures can sometimes reject or ignore the ideas behind women’s sexuality, so it is good to see these topics in a funny and relatable way.


Some of the more serious issues this season brings up include neglect, drug abuse among students, false sexual harassment allegations and predatory behavior. 


While the show makes a lot of jokes, it tries to take these topics a little more seriously by calling out and sometimes punishing unacceptable behavior.


Something that gave me mixed feelings about the season are the changes that are being set up during the last few episodes.


 I don’t want to spoil the ending, but some of the coming changes seem good and make certain characters seem less annoying, while others look like it can take the show in a completely different direction.


In the end, this season felt a bit more enjoyable than the previous ones.


There were some parts I thought were gross, but that’s part of what makes the show what it is.


Looking past all the dick jokes and gross gags the show gives great social commentary. 
I give Big Mouth 4 out of 5 stars.

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