Gym programs in need of improvement

November 5, 2019


The Valle Verde Intramural Sports and gymnasium offer a variety of activities and is a great way for students to stay in shape, unfortunately it may need an upgrade.


Intramural sports provides a comprehensive quality program with activities that include indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball, weight training and even weightlifting competitions.



Cesar Salas  / Tejano Tribune

Students take advantage of the amenities offered by intramural sports by playing basketball.



Students will need a valid EPCC ID to participate in any activities. Jude Saucedo, a kinesiology assistant explained a need to upgrade the gym.


“Bring in more cardio machines and new weights,” he said. 


He went on to add that many of the weights and equipment in the gym is over 10 years old.


Luckily the gym has some renovations in the works such as replacing windows and fixing pipes from the restrooms. 


They also plan to replace two leg press machines and get new medicine balls for students to use.


Christian Salazar also explained that he thinks the gym should be moved somewhere more accessible.


“The location should be in a spot where students can notice where we are at,” said Salazar.


He thinks even more students can come in and get in shape if the school were to “put it out there.”  


While there are issues Salazar says people in the gym can feel a “welcoming environment… We make students feel welcomed and get help from the gym employees.”


He explained that at other gyms some feel a sense of “hostility,” that is not present at the Valle Verde Gym.
Salazar also explained that he thinks the gym is beneficial for students because it helps them become “more physically in shape and [helpful] for those wanting to lose weight.”


The gym is free to whoever wants to get in shape and keep up with their workout routine while attending school. Students do not have to worry about paying and or owing money to their local commercial gyms.


For basketball the gym runs a 3-on-3 competition with a league that plays all semester long.


Sign up ended in first week of September but they are still looking for new participants.


You can also join the league for the 2020 spring semester, sign up starts the first week of in February for all intramural sports. 


Indoor Soccer is a Co-ed competition and the league is played all semester long. 


You can still sign up for, Extreme Soccer. The goals are smaller, shorter and there are no out of bounds rules. Volleyball is played as a 4-on-4 co-ed competition. 


You can still sign up for the league. At the end of the semester trophies and t-shirts will be awarded to the top teams. 


Seasonal events occur such as the push-up and the sit-up challenges, bench press competitions, strength ball toss, balance on a stability ball, the wobble board challenge and the quick step challenges.  


Many students can also receive help in the weight room from kinesiology coordinators.


They can teach students how to lift weights correctly and safely way without injury.  


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